Lou Dawg’s, the restaurant Harry & Louis went to eat on 26 February 2012 and where they ordered this pulled pork poutine, tweeted this about 10 minutes after Harry’s tweet this morning.


  • 26: Harry & Louis go to Lou Dawg’s restaurant after their show in Toronto where they appear to have shared a chicken wrap, pulled pork poutine and some beer according to the article about it; They were comped a single brownie and asked to tweet about the restaurant, which they agreed to do after they had left; The next day, Harry mentioned on Much Music that he and Louis tried poutine “last night” meaning they shared it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHADSFSDFSJDFLKSDFJ. ( x | x ) 
  • 26: Louis tweets at 11:05 PM local time “If anyone wants to eat in toronto go to @loudawgs . Very very good brownie! @loudawgsryerson” ( x ) 
  • 26: Harry tweets at 11:20 PM Local time ““@Louis_Tomlinson: If anyone wants to eat in toronto go to @loudawgs . Very very good brownie! @loudawgsryerson” That’s no Routine Poutine!” which is the actual menu description ( x | x  ) 



times where Louis and Harry looked like a common couple of boyfriends 


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